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Our Story


Frankie, We Salute You! celebrates the things in life that make us feel good, and the people who we share them with. 

Located smack in the middle of Canada's favourite wine and vegetable growing region, we've built a menu that celebrates all-things-local while at the same time tipping the hat to our grandfathers and their families, "The Franks", who inspired our love

of growing plants and building community. 

We believe that what happens to food before it arrives to our restaurant is every bit as important as how it's prepared in our kitchen. Our menu pulls from a close family of local growers and farmers, with an equal emphasis on regional wines,

craft beer + cider. 


Owners Brian and Christina have always seen food as a way to connect with the people they love. Their goal is to continue to make plant-based eating tasty and inspiring for meat eaters and vegetable aficionados alike -  full of heart, healthy, and (most importantly) fun.  ​Everyone is welcome.

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